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Cimatics, Brussels International Platform for Live A/V, presents a Masterclass Live Audiovisual Art, within the framework of the studio-program Experimental Media-art provided by the VAF (the Flemish Audiovisual Fund).
Because the biggest merit of live A/V is its cross-border and cross-disciplinary character the masterclass will challenge its participants to do just that: collaborate.

The goal of this blog is to generate an open-source effect: opening up the discussions from within the masterclass to the rest of the world. Let this be a call for everyone to participate and join or start a debate.
Eventually, this blog will be printed as a book. An additional DVD with the open-source versions (Creative Commons license) of the participants masterclass-projects will be available afterwards. So if you post something to this blog, you are co-authoring the book.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

VJ Sarah and Kristof in question.

Hello everyone,

as you might read before, me and Sarah will coöperate in a project. These are some streams of counsiousness thoughts and ideas:
Experimental fase/concept:

- The coörperation between ous is based on the fact that we are both taking part in this workshop to introduce ourself in the woundrous VJ-world.
- We are both unexperienced in Vj-ing since our background is fine art.
- The interesting thing is that we have a completely different vision and way of working in creating art.
- Out of our conversations we concluded that we have an opposit vision but still can complete each other in ideas and to built upon that.
- It's about finding a connection between the properties of our work.

Sarah: Naïvity, associatons, humour, frugality, romantic irony
Kristof: Objectivation, virtuality, alienation, precisely, impressive, memory

We look upon our future - Vj-ing coöperation as a dialog between images. In this way we'll try to find a compromise/melting-together between ous both. Maybe then we could decide to recognise each other as a VJ-duo (instead of deciding that before the actual coöperation). From then on that could be the beginning of a further coörperation. That is why we look at this project as an experiment, a work in progress.

Concrete proposal:

We are goïng to Egypt, Sarah will do this in a fysical way, I will do this in a mental way.
Sarah will be the body, I will be the brains. While fysicial Sarah is in Egypt and mental Kristof is to, we'll communicate each other by posting information on the Masterclass Blog. This could be photos, videos, texts our sounds. It's about taking each other along the other ones journey. At seeïng each other again (after the journey) we'll intent to bring the footage together and work further by a splitted communication method. By this we mean that we'll communicate by projecting images on one screen (each one on the other side of a semi-transparant screen), so that we can see eachothers images but always have two images in one (~a mental and fysical world if you want).

Since we don't know what to expect from each other, it's not obvious to pronounce the final result. But we are enormously curious and feel it as an exciting venture.

Kristof and Sarah

Hello everybody

Can't make it again I have to work
But Kristophe And I decided to work together on a project we are writing about it and we shall send it as soon as possible

Michael I wanted to thank you for the video I really apreciated it
J.P ;I cancelled the doctor because it is a waste of money The results of the recording are just normal heartsounds And that we can find on the internet too I now that it would be more special to actually use my own heartbeat But I just think that is not very interesting We should think further How we can make this idea to work

Wish you all a nice meeting and see you soon