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Thursday, December 13, 2007

live a/v project research "space & place" #2

Expo 58 in Brussel

- Atomium

"The Atomium is a structure that is half way between sculpture and architecture, symbolising an iron of cristal, magnified 165 billion times. Throughout the ages, man has sought to give architectural expression to his desire for height; towers, pyramids, belfries, cathedrals,…
The Atomium, in particular, embodies the audacity of an epoch that seeks to confront the destiny of man with scientific discovery."

By Mr. A. Waterkeyn

- Le poeme electronique

Originally performed during the universal exhibition of Bruxelles in 1958.
A mix of colors, lights, sounds, voices, images and electroacoustic music.
As Le Corbusier said himself : "Le Poème électronique se propose de montrer, au sein d'un tumulte angoissant, notre civilisation partie à la conquête des temps modernes".
"Le poeme electronique proposes to show,within a distressing tumult, our civilization on her way to conquest modern times"

This was the one of the first live audiovisual performances.
The Phillipspaviljoen does not exist anymore.

By Le Corbusier, Varese & Xenakis

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michael said...

thanks for posting this link - very interesting... a almost forgotten masterpiece (except living in eindhoven)... do you know more about the collaboration of the architect and the composer for this project - i ask myself in which way they designed together or apart from each other their works...? they say le corbusier also selected the pictures for the projections? the video itself cannot really represent how it must have been standing in there - le corbusier also stated that the building has no outside - thatfore it`s even more interesting to see this building from the inside (pictures? plans? do you link this to the atomium or what evokes your interest on it...?

...the generation of those kind of immersive environments seems very interesting - working on both ends - physical and virtual space... why not build real space ourselfs? a certain difficulty lays in bringing this to ends together - creating a kind of ensemble - maybe not the right expression but meaning that there lays an enormous power in this combination - this problematic bothers me since a while... christopher alexander writes about form and context "...we are searching for some kind of harmony between two intangibles - a form which we have not yet designed, and a context we cannot properly describe..." (sythesis of form p.26)