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Cimatics, Brussels International Platform for Live A/V, presents a Masterclass Live Audiovisual Art, within the framework of the studio-program Experimental Media-art provided by the VAF (the Flemish Audiovisual Fund).
Because the biggest merit of live A/V is its cross-border and cross-disciplinary character the masterclass will challenge its participants to do just that: collaborate.

The goal of this blog is to generate an open-source effect: opening up the discussions from within the masterclass to the rest of the world. Let this be a call for everyone to participate and join or start a debate.
Eventually, this blog will be printed as a book. An additional DVD with the open-source versions (Creative Commons license) of the participants masterclass-projects will be available afterwards. So if you post something to this blog, you are co-authoring the book.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Klaus Obermaier/Chris Haring I told a little bit about ideas and what we had tried, my boyfriend mentioned a solo experimenting with both similar thoughts (to things I wrote before) and also exploring video projections on the body.

D.A.V.E. is based on an idea by the media artist and composer Klaus Obermaier,
and was developed in collaboration with the choreographer and dancer Chris Haring.

I have seen another piece by the same austrian choreographer, Chris Haring/Liquidloft where he worked with miming voices in a very creative way, so he's definitely someone to check out as inspiration for many things. It's interesting this thing that things somehow always been done... but he didn't use clay I think;-)

Whats novel about D.A.V.E. is the concentration of the projections on the body in motion while
avoiding conventional spatial and screen projections. You dont think about the video anymore;
it just belongs to the body. Its a part of the body, or rather the performer is part of the video.
The boundaries grow indistinct and are deactivated.
Video projection, physical presence and acoustic environment thus blend into a symbiosis and create
their own new reality: D.A.V.E. – digital amplified video engine.

D.A.V.E. switches effortlessly between young and old, male and female; he distorts his body, his limbs.
His anus recites biblical passages both profound and ironic with the voice of a child;
the body dissolves into streaming worlds of digital images.
D.A.V.E. deals with the manipulation and reformulation of the human body by means of biotech,
genetic engineering and computer technology.
D.A.V.E. plays with real and virtual situations and the dissolution of the boundary between these
two states, morphs between nightmare
,redemption and transformation, culminating in the
suspension of physicality.

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