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Cimatics, Brussels International Platform for Live A/V, presents a Masterclass Live Audiovisual Art, within the framework of the studio-program Experimental Media-art provided by the VAF (the Flemish Audiovisual Fund).
Because the biggest merit of live A/V is its cross-border and cross-disciplinary character the masterclass will challenge its participants to do just that: collaborate.

The goal of this blog is to generate an open-source effect: opening up the discussions from within the masterclass to the rest of the world. Let this be a call for everyone to participate and join or start a debate.
Eventually, this blog will be printed as a book. An additional DVD with the open-source versions (Creative Commons license) of the participants masterclass-projects will be available afterwards. So if you post something to this blog, you are co-authoring the book.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Short thoughts

Hallo I'm Ambra,

I just want to write a small resume of my latest thoughts.
I'm happy to going on experimenting with video projections on live bodies and the collaboration with Filip and his animation will be enriching the process.
As i was working on it last summer now working out ideas with Lotta,Filip and Arnald I'm getting new I will be happy to go on and perhaps come to a point of exibhition.

Lotta I like that you brainstormed a lot around it!And all the ideas are very interesting.
But I have to say that I have the feeling you just posted your own ready made idea of show, I don't say is bad, but to me for example it sound perhaps not so charming anymore ( also for others to take part in it) because it looked a already finished process.
What I would like is to find easy and smart methods to work with this tools and then if we all go for the same contents and aesthetichs I would say let's go for a commun exibhition or demonstration.
Another possibility that I like is to present each own version of the same technical tools, developing each ones our own perspective or aesthetic or performance...whatever it come out of this experimentation.
I booked my flight for Brussels the 16th of february and I will go back the 24th..just that you and Filip basicly know my schedule and relative possibilities of presence.

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Lotta said...

Hey Ambra and everyone
I think it's a very good idea to develop tools that can be used for different aesthetics. In order to develop them I would like to think further on different ideas for the tool so that we have more things to try when we see each other soon. Both in practical ways as in what shall we ask in terms of equipment, but also in order to maybe prepare some movement frase, some boobs in clay etc. I'm sorry for sounding so fixed in my first post, it wasn't my intention, but as I wrote to Kristof... I'm happy you told me that you felt that way, so that I simply can say, no I'm also more inspired to go on with experiments... please use what inspired you in my text for further brainstorming (even if it's just a technical detail or something...) and little by little I think we'll go somewhere. I will be in Brussels 15th(evening) to 25th(morning). Shall we maybe go to Loewen and see Filips thing?
Take care! Lotta

See You!