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Cimatics, Brussels International Platform for Live A/V, presents a Masterclass Live Audiovisual Art, within the framework of the studio-program Experimental Media-art provided by the VAF (the Flemish Audiovisual Fund).
Because the biggest merit of live A/V is its cross-border and cross-disciplinary character the masterclass will challenge its participants to do just that: collaborate.

The goal of this blog is to generate an open-source effect: opening up the discussions from within the masterclass to the rest of the world. Let this be a call for everyone to participate and join or start a debate.
Eventually, this blog will be printed as a book. An additional DVD with the open-source versions (Creative Commons license) of the participants masterclass-projects will be available afterwards. So if you post something to this blog, you are co-authoring the book.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008


This is the idea about live animation that I worked/spoke about with specially Filip and Ambra. Down below is our idea filtered through my brain, and as we spoke with Boris... it's still totally open, so see it as inspiration if you wanna contribute.

the live animation of a contemporary body


Through both real and videoprojected changes we transform two people between each other, age, looks and gender. With a surreal language punch at beauty industry, look behind facial transformations as smiles, yawnings and surgery. Wishing to awake thoughts and also create a bit of disgust.

Raw, naked, dark, dirty, abused, infected, (secret plastic surgery clinic?).
Movements inspired by clay animated movies.

Brown, blood, sepia

visual set up:

two people (A&B), one on each side of a rectangular room (prefearably man and woman...)

one camera catching person A who with a projector is projected on person B on the other side of the room, a second set up going the other way around.

video mixer chosing who is projected upon.

Additional projecting material (prerecorded)

set up audio:

prerecorded voice fragments of different people, sometimes synced with prerecorded video material.

loudspeaker by each person in the space

maybe small microphones for live speach (person A's voice through B's speaker...)


Image fitting and live lip sync!

Stands on the long side of the room, able to see actions in both directions.
the focus shifts from right to left, sometimes left person is projected on the right and at other times right person on the left. Sometimes prerecorded material (possible on both?)

"minimal" live physical movements from 2 dancers (ex. inspired by Butho)
clay animations (transforming body parts, ex perfect boobs deforming, both live and on video)
changing layers of clothes
layers of nylon stockings
bodypaint (maybe skin colored light pink)

+prerecorded visual material consisting of actions and transformation on high speed, different people of different ages probably shot in the same environment(?) as performing. (Eating, talking, being)

+prerecorded voices. Private sounds laughters, farts, humming and also maybe jibberjabber "surgery statements" ex: " create the look that you deserve we need to dig into the core of your knee capsule and remodulate the essence of your smooth muscle device"

maybe body double in clay to be able to walk out on your own person (nice ending... like leaving your body... could be nice with a movement breakout in silence as an answer to the audiovisual abuse...)

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